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Super excited to wear my new #DisneyCP alumni shirt around #Disneyland last night! Someone even recognized me from my blog on Star Tours…that was cool.

I… I kind of want this shirt


Super excited to wear my new #DisneyCP alumni shirt around #Disneyland last night! Someone even recognized me from my blog on Star Tours…that was cool.

I… I kind of want this shirt

Anonymous asked: Hey I was strongly considering applying for the college program. Is sounds like so much fun but before I commit to applying I was wondering if there were any downsides to it?


you’re gonna work your butt off, just know that going in. you’re going to get the shittiest, longest hours, and sometimes you’ll be so tired you’ll fall asleep on your crappy little cot bed in housing still wearing your costume.

but when you’re working those long hours, you make the best friends. there were nights on my cp where i thought i would die from laughing so hard. i would go to waffle house at four am with my friends and somehow forget how tired i was. and people i hadn’t even known existed a few months beforehand became some of my greatest friends in the world.

even though i’ve fallen out of touch with some of my friends, i think about them all of the time, and whenever we talk we just cry over how much we miss each other. it’s like summer camp.

i highly suggest it.


He is talking about Vista Way and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

As soon as I read the first one I was like, “Vista Way. It’s Vista Way.”



Disney leaves out a few things when you get hired:

They forget to inform you about the long hours, the crappy pay, and the obnoxious guests

They fail to mention your costume won’t breathe and you’ll always be uncomfortable because your pants never fit

They don’t tell you missing the holidays…

This was seriously about to piss me off, and then I smiled so wide it hurt.

Anonymous asked: What transport can a DCP use when travelling to and from the parks?

If you don’t want to bring a car there are (CP only) buses available at the apartment complexes for you to use. They go to all of the parks, hotels, water parks, and Downtown Disney, as well as Walmart, Publix, the post office, and the Florida Mall. Upon arrival Housing provides you with a bus schedule and there’s now a smartphone app that shows the buses current locations and estimated arrival times.

*note that this is for the WDW College Program

kackedub asked: Just wondering if there was anyone that follows this blog who can make me feel more positive about getting accepted in the role of QSFB

Any followers want to share stories?

For me personally, even though Quick Service wasn’t the easiest role, I’m glad I had it because of all of the wonderful people I met. A big part of any role is your coworkers and I had some great ones.

Food also gave me the opportunity to work all over Magic Kingdom and at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival (which was amazing).

One of my favorite moments from my CP is from when I was deployed to Cosmic Ray’s, the busiest Quick Service restaurant in MK. I was a greeter and a woman approached me stating her daughter, who was currently attached to her hip in a Rapunzel wedding dress, had somehow lost her shoe in the dining room. I asked the girl, “Well, are Rapunzel or Cinderella today?” earning me a big smile before running to our lost and found.

I found the princess’ shoe in the back and brought it out with me, hiding it behind my back. I found the mother and daughter again and told them that Pascal had been running around the dining room earlier, though they probably didn’t see him because he blends in so well, and he happened to find something and brought it to us. I took her shoe out from behind my back and the little princess exclaimed, “Pascal found my shoe!” She was ecstatic.

If I hadn’t been placed in QSFB I would have never had that interaction with that little girl, or countless others during my CP. Food may be tough, but it has its rewards, too.

saisir-linstant asked: Hi!! I'm really excited because I just scheduled my DCP phone interview. While I'm really excited I'm also really nervous and worried. I guess I'm in need of support! Is it as terrifying as it sounds? I also want to ask, how does it feel being a part of the cast? Has it being as amazing as living in disney sounds?

I’m here for you, girl! The phone interview can be a bit nerve-racking, but it’s nothing to be scared of. I know they tell you to prepare for a thirty minute conversation, but it’s usually only about ten to fifteen minutes long. You review what you put on your application (ex. are you applying for WDW or DLR, fall or fall advantage, ever committed a crime, etc.), go over Disney look, your work preferences (inside, outside, individual, team) and tell the interviewer why you’re interested in the program. 

To prepare for my interview I surrounded myself with post-it notes to remind me of things I wanted to say, and of course to smile. They can hear it in your voice!

And to answer your last question, yes, being a Disney Cast Member is as amazing as it sounds. No matter what the role, our job is to make magic and that feels incredible. We have the power to make people’s day and give them life-long memories. We sing along with the fireworks, dance with the parades, sprinkle pixie dust, and give stickers to the little princesses, pirates, cowboys, and space rangers. Being a Cast Member is hard work, but when you get those extra special guests, you’re reminded of just how wonderful it is to work for the Mouse.

For theunofficialdcpblog


As far as being a custodian on a day to day basis, it’s pretty easy.

On any given day you’ll either be scheduled to work in streets or in restrooms.

If you’re scheduled to work streets, all you do is take care of a very small section of the park, which is called a zone. You’ll be assigned a zone when you clock in. You just have to sweep up any trash you see, empty trash cans, and clean up any code V’s (vomit), code H’s (poop), Code U’s (urine), and BBP’s (blood spills). I can understand not wanting to clean up any of those things, but you’ll become so desensitized to it that you won’t think anything of it. Chemicals do most of the work for you anyway so it’s not bad at all. Other than that, you’re expected to actively approach and interact with guests, and that’s the best part of the job!

If you’re scheduled to work in restrooms, you’ll be assigned a certain amount of restrooms to look after during your shift. It’s kind of self explanatory, but you’ll be responsible for sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, restocking paper products, emptying sanibags (for females), and wiping the counters down. 

Overall, it’s a very easy and fun role to be in. I absolutely loved it and I don’t know anyone who disliked it. You have so much freedom and so many opportunities to talk to guests and make magical moments! The role is definitely what you make of it! 

Very important for anyone who got accepted into a Custodial role!

Congratulations!! That’s what I did on my CP! I’ll be honest and say that you’re in for some hard work, but you will make amazing friends in Quick Service and have the opportunity to work in several locations. You’ll also never have to worry about getting enough hours.

I forgot that Parking is under Main Entrance Ops! Who knows, someone could be a superstar like Rebekah and start in Parking and work up to Guest Relations :)

If it helps, I was pended for ten weeks before I got my acceptance email. One thing that really comforted me was that getting pended isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it often means that based on the answers you gave in your phone interview and the roles you indicated on your application you’re flexible and they could place you in a few different places.

For example, some people only sign up for Attractions, so recruiters have fewer areas to place them. But others who put down preferences for a variety of roles, say they can work inside or out, or if they are comfortable working independently or with a team can be placed almost anywhere. So in a way, sometimes they need to assign those specific people first and then fill in the gaps with the flexible ones.

Basically, try not to stress about it too much. All it takes is faith and trust ;)

My program was Fall Advantage! It’s so awesome because you get to work summer and then be there for Food & Wine and holiday parties! And Attractions is pretty awesome, too. There’s so many options with that.

Good luck on your interview! It’s not very difficult or long. The first part is just reviewing what you put on your application and then you answer a few questions (could be about your previous work experience, why you want to work for Disney, and what kind of environment you prefer). If any have any role or location preferences be sure to speak up! It will be your only chance. You can do it!

"If you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true." Ashley, Disney Cast Member, and DCP alum. DCP stories at