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@super-n0va-lost replied:

You move to a new one for your extension and your extension goes through your CP so housing and disney work together on it.

Thank you so much! I didn’t extend my program, so I wasn’t sure what to tell her. Have a wonderful day!

Another DCP Housing Question!

My friend from back home has one more question concerning extensions:

When a CP extends their program, does Disney contact Housing and arrange that extension, or is it up to the CP? (I feel like it’s Disney…)


Does the CP usually stay in the same apartment for their extension or do they move to a new one?

DCP Housing Question!

I have friend from back home who was just accepted into the Program. Yay! 

She was wondering if you still have to have the same program dates as the people you live with. As in both move-in and move-out. I don’t know if it’s changed since my program, so if someone could help her I’d really appreciate it!

I think the funniest thing ever is when distant relatives try to explain what the CPs in their family do at Disney.

"Oh my niece interned at Disney. She worked in Costuming. I didn’t even know she could sew!"

Male guest at Studios: “She works in the Minnie Mouse ice cream parlor. Where is it?” 
Me: “Sir, there is no Minnie Mouse themed ice cream parlor here.”
Guest’s wife: “Harold, no, she sells Mickey Mouse ice cream bars at the carts.”

"My cousin’s daughter didn’t enjoy her [program]. She said that she had to work with strollers a lot. Can you imagine? Only moving strollers for months!"


Super excited to wear my new #DisneyCP alumni shirt around #Disneyland last night! Someone even recognized me from my blog on Star Tours…that was cool.

I… I kind of want this shirt


Super excited to wear my new #DisneyCP alumni shirt around #Disneyland last night! Someone even recognized me from my blog on Star Tours…that was cool.

I… I kind of want this shirt

Anonymous asked: Hey I was strongly considering applying for the college program. Is sounds like so much fun but before I commit to applying I was wondering if there were any downsides to it?


you’re gonna work your butt off, just know that going in. you’re going to get the shittiest, longest hours, and sometimes you’ll be so tired you’ll fall asleep on your crappy little cot bed in housing still wearing your costume.

but when you’re working those long hours, you make the best friends. there were nights on my cp where i thought i would die from laughing so hard. i would go to waffle house at four am with my friends and somehow forget how tired i was. and people i hadn’t even known existed a few months beforehand became some of my greatest friends in the world.

even though i’ve fallen out of touch with some of my friends, i think about them all of the time, and whenever we talk we just cry over how much we miss each other. it’s like summer camp.

i highly suggest it.


He is talking about Vista Way and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

As soon as I read the first one I was like, “Vista Way. It’s Vista Way.”



Disney leaves out a few things when you get hired:

They forget to inform you about the long hours, the crappy pay, and the obnoxious guests

They fail to mention your costume won’t breathe and you’ll always be uncomfortable because your pants never fit

They don’t tell you missing the holidays…

This was seriously about to piss me off, and then I smiled so wide it hurt.

Anonymous asked: What transport can a DCP use when travelling to and from the parks?

If you don’t want to bring a car there are (CP only) buses available at the apartment complexes for you to use. They go to all of the parks, hotels, water parks, and Downtown Disney, as well as Walmart, Publix, the post office, and the Florida Mall. Upon arrival Housing provides you with a bus schedule and there’s now a smartphone app that shows the buses current locations and estimated arrival times.

*note that this is for the WDW College Program

kackedub asked: Just wondering if there was anyone that follows this blog who can make me feel more positive about getting accepted in the role of QSFB

Any followers want to share stories?

For me personally, even though Quick Service wasn’t the easiest role, I’m glad I had it because of all of the wonderful people I met. A big part of any role is your coworkers and I had some great ones.

Food also gave me the opportunity to work all over Magic Kingdom and at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival (which was amazing).

One of my favorite moments from my CP is from when I was deployed to Cosmic Ray’s, the busiest Quick Service restaurant in MK. I was a greeter and a woman approached me stating her daughter, who was currently attached to her hip in a Rapunzel wedding dress, had somehow lost her shoe in the dining room. I asked the girl, “Well, are Rapunzel or Cinderella today?” earning me a big smile before running to our lost and found.

I found the princess’ shoe in the back and brought it out with me, hiding it behind my back. I found the mother and daughter again and told them that Pascal had been running around the dining room earlier, though they probably didn’t see him because he blends in so well, and he happened to find something and brought it to us. I took her shoe out from behind my back and the little princess exclaimed, “Pascal found my shoe!” She was ecstatic.

If I hadn’t been placed in QSFB I would have never had that interaction with that little girl, or countless others during my CP. Food may be tough, but it has its rewards, too.

"If you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true." Ashley, Disney Cast Member, and DCP alum. DCP stories at