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Check-In, Part 2

The last post left on with Casting, which is arguably the most exciting part of check-in day.

Emily, Deena (roommates), Amanda (new-found friend), and I took the bus over to the Casting building, which is directly across the street from Downtown Disney. The bus ride was fun because first of all, it was air conditioned, and secondly a Cast Member gave us an entertaining overview of what was to come.

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Check-In, Part 1

An incredible amount of things happened today, so I’ll try to write them all down! I’ll go in order of today.

The plan last night was to get up at 5:50 AM to get ready and be out the door ready to go at 6:30. That did not happen. The hotel alarm clock never went off, but thank goodness my mom set an alarm on her cell phone a little after six. In a little bit we were dressed, but not completely ready to go and I looked at the clock and saw it was already 6:30!

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We’re in Orlando!

*I wasn’t able to connect to our hotel’s Internet last night, so sorry this is late!

I am in Florida, mere miles from Walt Disney World! Today got off to a rough start. I was alright this morning until it was time to say goodbye to my cat. I kind of lost it and then felt like I didn’t have time to properly say goodbye to her and my house.

We loaded up my car with our five suitcases ready to drive an hour to the airport. About five minutes into our journey when we got on the highway the car started to jerk.

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Tying Up Loose Ends

It’s all coming to a close now. Tomorrow I fly down to Florida and get ready to start my Disney College Program. Crazy, right?

Today has been a little rough. I slept a maximum of four hours last night because I had so much nervous energy. I finally got out of bed at seven and went to breakfast with my best friend at ten.

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Attempting to Pack…

In the process of packing right now. Well, trying to pack. I’m almost done with clothes and about to start figuring out toiletries. I have a feeling I’ll need to use space bags for the one pair of sweatpants and two (at least it’s two right now) sweatshirts I’m bringing.

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Last Minute Shopping!

Do you know how hard it is to start packing? Super hard. My mom and I decided to take it one thing at a time and attempted to pick out my Traditions outfit this morning. It did not go very well.

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But, Peter, How Do We Get to Walt Disney World?

Fly, of course! Well, that’s how I am at least. From where I live, it would be a 24-hour drive if you never stopped. There’s also the train, as well as a train that runs out of Virginia (I’m not sure if there are more) that acts like a ferry and loads up your car. Unfortunately, that takes a four hour drive to Virginia and then all of the train travel time.

Those aren’t very attractive options when a plane ride is only four hours. So needless to say, my mom and I are catching an afternoon non-stop flight to Orlando on Sunday, the day before I check-in.

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Roommates, Disney Style

Getting a roommate can be a scary idea. You have to live away from home with a stranger you’ve just met for several months. There is the possibility you’ll become great friends, but there’s also a chance you’ll hate each other. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but still, it’s intimidating. 

Disney gives you the option of opting into Roommate Matching, but it’s not like your college’s roommate survey. There’s nothing about if you like your room neat or messy, when you like to go to bed, and how you feel about darkness and keeping the windows open. Personality plays no part in Disney Matching, just your gender, arrival date, and if you’re over or under 21 years old (Wellness is under, Non-Wellness is 21 and over).

However, you have the option of picking your roommate by yourself ahead of time.

Making It Official

After you get your acceptance into the DCP, you have to accept the offer. Disney gives you ten days to do this, which is a pretty good amount of time.

I got my acceptance email on a Tuesday, but decided that even though I knew without a doubt that I was doing the program, that I would wait until Friday to accept. I wanted to have my mom with me when I did it so that I knew that she understood everything and to double check that I understood everything.

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"If you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true." Ashley, Disney Cast Member, and DCP alum. DCP stories at