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New DCP Posts

I haven’t linked any of my DCP stories on here in a while, so here are the latest ones:

The Saddest Goodbye

Now It’s Back to Work

Today’s Challenge: Breaker at Hops

The Not-So-Good Day That Ended Nicely

Monday Fundays (Lots of Pictures!)

I have two more posts in the queue and am working on more. Enjoy!


View of Cinderella’s Castle from the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion

This is where my sister was married. It was the most beautiful wedding.


View of Cinderella’s Castle from the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion

This is where my sister was married. It was the most beautiful wedding.

(Source: disneyloveandmemories)

It’s Not Getting Better

Do you ever wake up and everything’s fine for a moment, but then you remember what’s going on in your life and it makes you wish you could forget again? Well, that was me on Wednesday, Oct 24, day two of my emergency trip home.

I had to call Deployment to call out personal again. It became my second time not going to work. My second point. It hurt so much because I had hoped to go my whole program with no points. I didn’t mention it before, but a few days before I got that horrible call that my cat was dying, I got an email about the Professional Internship I interviewed for.

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The Worst Trip Home

Tuesday, October 23: On this day I did something I had never done before, something I had hoped never to do: I called out. When the deployment woman asked me if I was calling out sick or personal all I could do is stutter, “It’s a family emergency, so I guess personal.” It hurt, but I didn’t have a choice. I mean, I was flying to another state.

I wish I could have given my shift away, but I didn’t have time. I also missed the 24 hour deadline to give away the next day’s shift, too. Thankfully, I had already gotten Thursday off for other reasons, so I wouldn’t have to call off for the third day in a row and get a reprimand. Yay for points. My first points.

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From Awesome to Awful

So here’s one of the posts I’ve been dreading writing. Let’s go.

Monday, October 22 was my day off. I had planned on getting up at 10:30 because Casheena and I were going to play at Epcot (we were five months into our program and she still hadn’t been!) and then go to the movies, but I ended up sleeping until eleven. When I did get out of bed I straightened my hair for what felt like the first time in ages. Since we take forever to get ready and missed a bus, Casheena and I didn’t leave until one.

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I Started My New Job Yesterday

I’m working at as the cashier/gift shop person at my Granny’s seasonal restaurant, and yesterday was my first day. Ever. I haven’t worked since Disney and oh my goodness, it was rough.

My shift was 13 hours long and when I got home my legs and feet hurt so badly I thought I was back on the A bus to Vista Way!

Read More… (more comparing to Disney, I promise)

Let’s Have a Wedding!

Saturday, November 29th, my best friend got married and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. The ceremony was outside a golf course country club and there was open land and trees everywhere. It was beautiful. I of course started crying during the vows. What I really loved was that this wedding was so unique to Casey and Chris, mustaches and everything. Also, there is nothing quite like hearing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” played on the violin as your best friend comes down the aisle.

Read More… And see all of the pictures!

Back to NY

On Thursday (September 27th) morning I finished packing and headed out to the front of Vista Way to meet a Mears cab driver to take me to the airport. He was early, which I appreciated, and super nice. If any of you guys need to take a cab, go with Mears. It makes the thirty minute drive to the airport a lot more comfortable.\

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Last Day of Freedom and Fun

As I said in my last post, I was able to give my shift away on Tuesday, so I was free to be with my family. Jenna and Alex left early to go to a Disney Junior character breakfast at Hollywood and Vine with the Matron of Honor (Kayleigh) & family. My mom, Granny, and I left for Hollywood Studios a little bit later.

We started with One Man’s Dream, the “exhibit” and movie about Walt, and absolutely loved it. When you walk through the beginning there are pictures on the walls with stories about the Disney parks, movies, and the Disney family. They also models and replicas. One of them is of Walt’s office.

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"If you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true." Ashley, Disney Cast Member, and DCP alum. DCP stories at