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From Awesome to Awful

So here’s one of the posts I’ve been dreading writing. Let’s go.

Monday, October 22 was my day off. I had planned on getting up at 10:30 because Casheena and I were going to play at Epcot (we were five months into our program and she still hadn’t been!) and then go to the movies, but I ended up sleeping until eleven. When I did get out of bed I straightened my hair for what felt like the first time in ages. Since we take forever to get ready and missed a bus, Casheena and I didn’t leave until one.

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It’s Really Not So Scary!

After the first two days of Food & Wine Training I had a day off (Tuesday, September 25th). I know what you’re probably thinking, “Oh, day off, that means she went to Walmart or stayed in bed all day watching TV shows.” Normally, you would be correct, but not this time reader! Instead, I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

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About to Start Some Blogging, But….

I went into New Fantasyland for the first time tonight and it was amazing! More details to come!

It's Tough to Be a Bug... or A Human Scared of Bugs

  • Guest:
    How long is the show?
  • Cast Member:
    It's eight and a half minutes.
  • Me:
    Of terror.

September Recap, Part 2 

I left off with September 18th, when I worked in Frontierland. The next day, Wednesday, I had off. Angel, Deena, and I decided to take advantage of that time to get ready for Halloween. First, we rushed to Company D to get Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets for Angel and I. The reason we were rushing is because it closed at five and we got there just as they were locking up. However, the lady was nice enough to allow us to come in and purchase our discounted tickets.

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Trying New Things

Thursday, September 13th, was my day off, as well as Angel and Tammy’s, so we decided to spend the day together at Hollywood Studios. We started off by doing something I’ve never done before: Star Tours!

My and family and I aren’t big Star Wars fans, so we never thought to do it or even go near that part. When we got there we caught the end of the Jedi Training and it was really cute! They have a whole bunch of four year olds go up and use their light sabers to fight Darth Vadar. Then we went on the ride (yes, it’s an actual ride. Who knew?!) and I really liked it. It’s a lot like the green version of Mission Space.

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Have a Wild Time!

Friday was an awesome day because out of some miracle Angel, Deena, Tammy, Emily, and I all had the day off. This never happens! Originally, just Angel, Tammy, and I were going to Animal Kingdom. Deena was going with a work friend to a water park, but once she realized the rest of us were off she invited her friend to come with us instead. Then when Emily found out the four of us were going she decided to come along, too.

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Party in Epcot

Friday was another scheduled day off, which was really lucky because we were beginning wedding celebrations that day.

In the afternoon we took the monorail to Epcot to celebrate around the world. The plan was to drink (or in my and Jenna’s case, just have fun) around World Showcase with some of the guests until the Dessert Party that night at Italy Isola.

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Titles Are Hard

Thursday (August 23) was my scheduled day off, so I could spend the whole day with my family. We started the day by getting a Mickey waffle breakfast at Gasparilla at the Grand Floridian. It was delicious, of course. From there we parted ways.

My sister put together welcome boxes for every single guest coming to the wedding and there were still more that had to be delivered. Jenna and my mom took some to two hotels, while Alex, her fiancee, took the rest to another. Meanwhile, my Granny and I headed over to my home, the Magic Kingdom!

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The Most Magical Day

Thursday the 9th was my day off, so I went to Magic Kingdom with my work friend, Emily, to play. We planned on taking the B bus to the Polynesian and riding their monorail to MK, but Emily missed the bus and I ended up walking from the Polynesian to the TTC monorail. Then we couldn’t find each other for about 10 minutes at MK. Oops.

Once we were reunited, we headed over towards the castle and caught the tail end of Move It Shake It Celebrate It! It was so awesome and terribly underrated. I danced with Genie (who was up on a float and seemed really happy that someone was enjoying MISICI) pretty much the whole time and at the end he blew me kisses. Then they shot out Mickey confetti and Emily and I joined the rest of the kids picking it up and stuffing it into our pockets.

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